Invisalign GO

Invisalign - The Clear Alternative To Braces

In the run up to the festive season we’re normally inundated with patients asking about tooth whitening or how to improve their smile. At this time, I’m pleased to announce I will be offering a new service in the practice- straighter teeth with no fixed braces- it’s called Invisalign GO.

Invisalign GO is a series of clear plastic trays which are worn for around 10 days at a time. Each tray moves the teeth very slightly into a straighter position, and then we give you a new tray which moves them slightly more again. Treatment time taken on average 3-6 months, at which point we will fit retainers to keep your teeth in the final position for years to come.

We chose to work with Invisalign as they are by far the biggest and best company in this field, with a huge amount of research and development behind their product.

This is a treatment most suitable for minor crowding or rotated teeth and we only move the front 8 teeth- the molars are left as they were so as not to affect your bite. It’s also perfect for cases where braces have been provided in the past, but the teeth have moved slightly back out of position again.

I’m pleased to say that as an introductory offer, we will be providing FREE whitening with every dual arch case of Invisalign GO.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please give the practice a call on 0141 777 7511 for a free consultation!

Invisalign Glasgow

Safe Tooth Whitening

A question we often get asked in the practice surrounds tooth whitening. With the procedure seemingly available from an abundance of sources including dentists, beauticians and DIY kits from the internet I understand how confusing it can be.

Tooth whitening in itself can achieve fantastic results fairly easily and can really transform your smile. Teeth tend to discolour and go darker with age, and in addition can pick up stains from tea, coffee, red wine and smoking among others. It doesn’t require loads of time in the dental chair and the results can really change patients’ confidence and self-esteem.

Legally, tooth whitening is the practice of dentistry, and therefore can only be carried out by dental care professionals registered with the GDC. In addition, safe and approved products for tooth whitening can only be sold to dental professionals, so having the procedure carried out elsewhere means they could potentially be using unsafe and illegal products which are not approved for use in the mouth. This means tooth whitening carried out in salons and beauticians is fully illegal and could lead to considerable damage to your teeth and gums.

On a daily basis I see how much my patients care about their teeth and gums and want to keep them as healthy as possible. Tooth whitening can be completely complimentary to this, but having the procedure carried out by someone who isn’t qualified to do so can put your dental health at risk. You wouldn’t be happy for a joiner to fix the brakes on your car, so why have anyone other than a dental professional carry out any procedure in your mouth?

At Millersneuk, we believe we have the best solution in terms of providing tooth whitening. We only use fully approved and safe products and fully qualified dental technicians to make custom made trays to fit your mouth. This ensures the procedure is carried out to a high standard without fear of damage to your teeth or gums. We work together with our patients to achieve the results they want and I really feel strongly that tooth whitening can be a fantastic procedure if carried out safely.

If interested in having tooth whitening carried out whether you are a patient of the practice already or are looking to join then please give us a phone on 0141 777 7511 to book an appointment today.

Jonathan is a Dentist at Millersneuk Dental Practice in Lenzie. He has a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry and works together with patients to achieve the results they want. Jonathan has proved popular among his patients since joining the practice, please read some of his reviews on Facebook and on the practice website to find out more. 

To book an appointment with Jonathan, please phone 0141 777 7511