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How Can a Smile Makeover Boost Your Mental Health?

Looking after our collective mental health has developed a fresh sense of purpose. Now more than ever, we want to spend time with others, and to connect with people wherever possible.

Our ability to smile at people is the most valuable part of our appearance. Smiling builds trust, deepens personal relationships, and keeps life fun. Research shows the mood boost brought about by smiling releases endorphins, which keeps us motivated.

Luckily, achieving the perfect smile is no longer a pipe dream. The dental team at Millersneuk Dental Practice loves a dazzling smile! We’ve created our 5 top tips for boosting your mental health with the perfect smile makeover!

1.    Achieve a Natural-Looking Smile with Dental Veneers.

Composite veneers use resin to build a carefully-sculpted coat over your existing teeth.  The colour is matched to your natural look, and your teeth retain some of the organic shapes and grooves that keep your smile authentic.

Resin veneers are very easy to replace, as they don’t damage the underlying structure of your teeth. If you change your mind – or simply wish to refresh your smile in the future – composite veneers are easy to replace at any time.

2.    Get Your Confidence Re-Aligned with Invisalign.

Invisalign is the modern alternative to braces, with full 3-D visualisation that lets you see the finished look before you start your treatment.

When you have your teeth straightened with Invisalign, you can head out into the public eye without having to worry about how you’re going to eat your dinner on date night, or how you might explain why you’re still wearing braces as a middle-aged adult.

Invisalign is easy to hide, simple to maintain, and suitable for most people.

Having straight teeth brings renewed confidence in all areas of your life, which elevates mental wellness and equips you for every possible scenario.

3.    Eat the Foods You Really Enjoy with Dental Implants.

Sometimes, a permanent tooth replacement solution is all that’s needed to get you feeling fantastic, so dental implants use a small titanium rod to bond the implant to your bone over time.

Permanent dental implants mean there is no slipping and sliding, which is a common occurrence for people with dentures. This gives you a completely natural feel in your mouth, and allows you to use your dental implants just like real teeth.

Dental implants mean you can sink your teeth into that fresh piece of chewy bread, or bite into a sweet and juicy apple, without worrying if your teeth will fall out!

4.    Keep Your Smile Flexible with Combined Dental Treatments.

Today, dental treatments for enhanced smile therapy are no longer confined to just one choice. Every person smiles differently, so you may like to treat a selection of concerns simultaneously using a tailored treatment program.

Our expert dental team can straighten the teeth you have using Invisalign, then enhance the aesthetics with composite bonding to round off any imperfections, and fill the missing gaps with implants or veneers to keep your smile naturally beautiful.

4.    Polish Your Smile with Facial Aesthetics.

Get the ultimate Love Island look with pain-free cosmetic dentistry. You may like to have your teeth whitened, adjust your underlying facial structure with dermal fillers, or smooth your aging complexion with a subtle anti-wrinkle treatment.

The effect of smiling well has far reaching benefits.

When we smile at others, they feel happy too. The ripple effect inspires more smiling, which contributes towards our collective mental wellness.

A brilliant smile makes us feel healthy, youthful, and confident, so you can be completely comfortable in every social situation. Get in touch with the team to see how we can make your smile the brightest part of your day!

Cosmetic Dental Treatment Results

At Millersneuk Dental Practice we provide restorative dental treatments to improve our patients’ teeth, oral health and confidence. Treatments available include dental crowns and bridges, replacing amalgam fillings and cosmetic dentures.

On our Cosmetic Dentistry Results page we showcase the excellent results achieved by our dentists for patients, with before and after photos showing the visible improvements made.

Contact us today or drop in to our Lenzie dental practice and book your dentist appointment at Millersneuk to discuss how we can help improve your smile with cosmetic dental treatment.