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Jonathan’s Blog – Veneers

We often get asked in the practice about veneers and ‘smile makeovers’ and so I thought this may be a good topic to cover for this week’s blog.

Veneers are thin layers of ceramic which fit over the front of teeth to change their appearance. They can be used to change the shape, colour and length of teeth, and when used correctly can really make a difference to your smile.

Many dentists try to ‘sell’ their patients veneers and smile makeovers, promising to totally change their appearance, and while in some situations this can be true, you need to be really careful and thoroughly think through any treatment like this before proceeding.

To provide veneers, the procedure involves removing some of the front of the tooth to make space for the ceramic, before taking an impression to send to the lab, and then making you temporary veneers to wear until the final ones are made. You would then come back for a second appointment to have the temporaries removed, and if we are happy with the colour, shape and fit of the final veneers, they would be cemented in place that day.

An important point to consider when providing veneers is removing healthy tooth. The veneers need to be made in ceramic, and the thinnest we can normally have them fabricated in is 0.3mm. Sometimes if we are covering heavily discoloured teeth this can be even more.

I was at a course last week from the company who produce the ceramic EMAX, who were educating us on the latest developments in ceramics.

One thing to consider is that we are increasingly moving more and more towards ‘minimally invasive’ dentistry and there are other options other than veneers which can be considered, including composite bonding, which involves no removal of healthy tooth tissue.

I often get asked about other local practices providing so called ‘non-prep’ veneers. What I normally say to my patients about this is that I don’t think it’s an appropriate treatment option in almost all cases. Not removing any tooth to make space for the ceramic means most of these veneers end up looking really big and bulky, and as though the teeth are too big for the mouth. It’s really hard for the dental lab to make a natural looking veneer when the dentist hasn’t given them any space to do so. In addition, not having a smooth join from ceramic to tooth can lead to gum problems down the line.

If you’ve been thinking about having veneers done, or simply want some more information, please don’t hesitate to give the practice a call for a consultation.


Jonathan is a Dentist at Millersneuk Dental Practice in Lenzie. He has a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry and works together with patients to achieve the results they want. Jonathan has proved popular among his patients since joining the practice, please read some of his reviews on Facebook and on the practice website to find out more. 

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