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What is Composite Bonding?

Heard about composite bonding and wondering if it is right for you? Millersneuk Dental Practice offers expert composite bonding in Lenzie, Glasgow. Learn more about this speedy treatment in our latest blog.

Even the most minor teeth imperfections can make us feel unconfident. Many people feel self-conscious when speaking to others and even avoid smiling altogether because of the way their teeth look.

People can sometimes be put off cosmetic dental procedures because they think the treatment will be too intensive. However, treatments like composite bonding are quick and effective, and can transform a smile in no time.

What is composite bonding?

Composite resin is a very thin material, matched to the colour of your teeth and then affixed permanently, disguising minor imperfections. Much like porcelain veneers, your existing teeth are covered in the process. However, unlike veneers, your tooth structure remains intact as the procedure requires only minor work to the tooth surface.

Composite bonding provides you with healthy, natural-looking teeth, indistinguishable from the real thing. You can opt to undergo composite bonding for the full set of teeth, or individual teeth only.

Who is composite bonding for?

Composite bonding works best for people hoping to disguise:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Jagged edges
  • Minor gapping
  • Discolouration

What is the composite bonding process?

Following an initial assessment, your dentist will match the colour of the resin to your existing shade. If you are combining composite bonding with teeth whitening, this will take place before the resin is applied.

Your dentist will then prepare your teeth for treatment and cover it in a bonding agent. The thin composite resin will be applied to the teeth and shaped while in place. Finally, the resin will be hardened and set using a UV light.

How long does composite bonding take?

After the initial consultation takes place, we can usually complete the composite bonding treatment in one appointment. You can expect to leave the practice with a dazzling new smile.

If you’re looking for composite bonding in Glasgow, speak with one of our experienced dentists about the procedure. Book a free video consultation to discuss treatment options and prices.

alternative to braces

Alternative to Braces – Invisalign Clear Teeth Aligners Glasgow

A Clear Alternative to Braces

Invisalign is a clear alternative to braces. A modern tool to straighten your teeth with clear teeth aligners rather than metal braces. A cosmetic dentist will use an intra-oral scan in your mouth to get a full picture of the layout of your teeth and to create a clear mould to fit your teeth comfortably. The initial appointment is just a quick 30 minutes consultation.

If you’d like straighter teeth and want to find out more about Invisalign cost and the whole Invisalign process, here’s a date to put in your diary. We’re hosting a free Invisalign Open Day on Saturday 24th October 2020.

Our dental team will be on hand to discuss the ins and outs of Invisalign treatment at our Lenzie practice. You’ll get the opportunity to ask questions about the process and learn about your individual treatment plan.

There are still spaces available but lots of interest so far. Don’t miss out!

For those that attend and go ahead with Invisalign treatment, we are offering the following:

1. Free Digital Scan – We’ll take an impression of your teeth using digital scanning technology. After the scan, we’ll show you a virtual demonstration of your future smile as well as a side by side comparison of your teeth before and after treatment.

2. FREE Teeth Whitening (worth £400) – After our patients have completed their Invisalign treatment, they’re always excited to show off their new smile. We’ll make sure your teeth look their best by adding teeth whitening to your treatment at no extra cost if you sign up for Invisalign during our open day.

3. FREE Retainers (worth £300) – To keep your teeth straight long after your Invisalign care is complete, wearing retainers is highly recommended. We’ll keep you smiling for longer by providing you with retainers free of charge with your Invisalign purchase on the day of the event.

To keep our practice safe for patients and staff, we’ll be hosting individual 30-minute visits to our free open day.

There are a limited number of spaces for this one-off event so book your place soon to take advantage of the special offer. Please note there is a £10 deposit required to secure your place (refundable with your treatment plan).

Are Invisalign clear aligners suitable for you as an alternative to braces?


invisalign glasgow

Invisalign Glasgow. Should I get Invisalign?

Invisalign Glasgow

Considering getting Invisalign teeth in Glasgow? Many of our patients come to us feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable about misaligned teeth. However, for most adults, the idea of wearing fixed braces is a definite no.

We want our patients to look and feel their best. That is why we recommend Invisalign; an effective way to correct crooked or gap teeth without having to wear visible braces.

What are Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign clear aligners are thin plastic trays that are shaped to your teeth and worn throughout the day and night. They are only taken out for eating and for drinking hot drinks. They are like invisible braces to help you get straighter teeth.

As you wear them, the aligners gradually move your teeth to their desired position, making them straighter and better aligned.

The great thing about Invisalign is that they are totally transparent. Most people will not know you’re wearing them unless you tell them.

Who are Invisalign teeth for?

Invisalign Glasgow can work well for a number of teeth imperfections, including:

• Crooked teeth
• Overbites
• Large gaps

Invisalign is also an effective treatment for people who have already had braces, but whose teeth have moved overtime.

They can be worn by adults and teens, with many adults opting for this treatment instead of traditional fixed, visible braces.

What is the Invisalign process?

Your teeth will be assessed, and a custom treatment plan will be created for you. Using 3D scanning technology, you will be able to see a virtual impression of your brand-new smile.

You will then receive your first sets of clear aligners to be worn throughout the day and night. You will change these plastic trays every ten to fourteen days as your teeth move.

When your teeth have been moved to the correct position, a set of retainers will be fitted to keep your new smile in-tact.

How long does it take?

The length of the treatment can vary, depending on your level of teeth misalignment. Generally, it takes between three to nine months to perfect your smile.

If you’re looking for Invisalign in Glasgow, get in touch with us to discuss treatment and pricing options. Book a FREE video consultation today.

dentist online consultation

Video dental consultations
at Millersneuk Dental Practice

We are pleased to be welcoming patients back to our practice following the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions for dentists in Scotland. Although we have resumed most routine and cosmetic treatments, we are taking extra precautions to ensure your safety. This means we can only welcome a limited number of patients to our practice every day.

To reduce your waiting time, we have launched our FREE video dental consultation service. You can make an appointment to discuss your treatment goals with your dentist virtually over Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams.

What happens in a video dental consultation?

A video dental consultation is much like a regular consultation with your dentist. You will discuss your dental concerns and goals, and your dentist will offer advice on the best course of action for treatment.

Your dentist will talk you through the suggested procedures, taking the time to answer any questions you may have. You will also receive advice about treatment time and dental fees.

During your virtual dental appointment, your suitability for in-person treatment will be assessed using a number of routine Covid-19 screening questions. After this, we will book you in for treatment at the practice.

Who should book a video dental consultation?

Our video dental consultation service is best suited for those considering the following treatments:

Cosmetic dental treatments, including:
Tooth whitening

Teeth replacement treatments, including:
Dental implants

Facial aesthetic appointments, including:
Dermal Fillers

For routine check-ups, please get in touch to book a regular appointment at our practice.

If you’re unsure whether a virtual dental appointment would be suitable for you, you can check with a member of our team, who will be happy to advise.

How to arrange a video dental consultation

To book your free video dental consultation, fill out this simple form. We will quickly get back to you to arrange your virtual dental appointment.

If you’d like to improve your smile, book a video dental consultation today. To learn more about our treatments, click here.

Thank you

Invisalign GO

Invisalign - The Clear Alternative To Braces

In the run up to the festive season we’re normally inundated with patients asking about tooth whitening or how to improve their smile. At this time, I’m pleased to announce I will be offering a new service in the practice- straighter teeth with no fixed braces- it’s called Invisalign GO.

Invisalign GO is a series of clear plastic trays which are worn for around 10 days at a time. Each tray moves the teeth very slightly into a straighter position, and then we give you a new tray which moves them slightly more again. Treatment time taken on average 3-6 months, at which point we will fit retainers to keep your teeth in the final position for years to come.

We chose to work with Invisalign as they are by far the biggest and best company in this field, with a huge amount of research and development behind their product.

This is a treatment most suitable for minor crowding or rotated teeth and we only move the front 8 teeth- the molars are left as they were so as not to affect your bite. It’s also perfect for cases where braces have been provided in the past, but the teeth have moved slightly back out of position again.

I’m pleased to say that as an introductory offer, we will be providing FREE whitening with every dual arch case of Invisalign GO.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please give the practice a call on 0141 777 7511 for a free consultation!

Invisalign Glasgow

Pat Kramek

We’re thankful to the very talented artist Pat Kramek for allowing us to feature her art in our modern dentist waiting room. Pat has had various one man shows and has also participated in many mixed exhibitions, abroad and in the UK. Her paintings are in many private collections throughout the world.

Browse through some of the art featured at Millersneuk Dental Practice below or visit www.patkramek.com to find out more.

Millersneuk Dental Practice

Check up time

Summer is here. We can’t promise sun but we can promise a first class service if you attend the practice.

The summer holidays can be a potentially bad time for your children’s teeth as the usual routines go out the window. Grandparents get drafted in for childcare and there are usually plenty of days out that involve ice cream and sweets.

The best way to stay on top of things is to make an appointment with the practice and we can carry out a thorough examination and go over the best dietary advice. The holiday period gives us plenty of time to fix and problems before they become painful. Prevention is better than cure!

We are accepting new patients at the moment so if you are happy with the service you receive please tell a friend.

We hope to see you soon.