New team members

We are delighted to announce we have a couple of new faces to add to the Millersneuk team.

Andrew Beattie BDS MPharm GDC: 243585

Andrew started in August and has already been very popular with the patients with his calm and caring approach. Andrew qualified as a Dentist from Glasgow University (Recently voted the best UK Dental school) and has a further qualification as a registered Pharmacist.

Catriona Walker Dip Dent Hygiene RCS Edin GDC: 156916

Catriona will join the team as the practice hygienist in September. She has built up experience at a number of practices and will be a great addition to the team with her friendly demeanour.

Alzheimers and dental health

A study published this week has shown a possible link between dental health and Alzheimers.

The brains of deceased patients were found to contain Porphyromonas gingivalis, the bacteria responsible for unhealthy gums. Scientists believe the bacteria can trigger an immune response in the brain.

With previous studies claiming links between gum disease and cardiovascular disorders it reinforces the need to have good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly.

At Millersneuk we have a dedicated hygienist to look after your periodontal health. We also have very flexible working hours to allow you to fit this around your busy schedule.

Denplan patients are allowed four visits to the hygienist a year as part of their care.

See the link to the Alzheimers society here:


Review: excellent, friendly and efficient staff

I have been attending Millersneuk Dental Practice for more years than I care to mention.
In recent years, there has been a massive change in both the staff and the attitudes towards patients.
I seem to have been blessed with “Edinburgh Rock” teeth which seem to enjoy dissolving away!
This has led to my needing Dentures which are both highly practical and aesthetically pleasing.
Previous members have tried and been unsuccessful and then Philip Church arrived.
He has been a breath of fresh air to the Practice with his pleasant and friendly disposition.
I am a retired Engineer and am always keen and interested to know what Phil is doing/using, and why.
He takes time to explain to me what he is doing and will readily show you on his “in surgery” computer.
I think he is a very competent Dentist and it is always a pleasure to be in his company.
Very importantly, he has a good sense of humour
Phil is supported by excellent friendly and efficient staff.
My fear is he might move on (hope not).
If you live in Lenzie and want a thorough Professional, join Millersneuk Dental Practice.
My final, and perhaps unusual comment, is that I actually enjoy visiting the Practice!

Dentistry Scotland’s Top 20 Awards

We are delighted to announce that two of the Millersneuk Dental team have made it into ‘Scotland’s Top 20’ dental professionals for 2013 in the latest edition of Dentistry Scotland.

Amy made it in at number 2 and Phil also made it in at number 15.

The top 20 are nominated by other dental professionals and then decided at a panel. We are overwhelmed we have managed to get two members of the team in to the top 20.

It is always nice to receive recognition from your peers for all the hard work that goes in and thank anyone who nominated our staff.


Are you aware of hidden sugars?

Diet is a key factor in your general and oral health. We have noticed a number of patients recently who have moved to a more healthy lifestyle. Taking up cycling and running but also taking in vast quantities of ‘sports’ drinks or energy drinks. This has caused damage to their teeth as they were not aware of the sugar content of the drinks. Furthermore, fruit juices also have large quantities of sugar in them and are not always the healthy option. It is better to consume fruit in its natural form rather than in the juice form. If hydration is what you need water and milk are excellent tooth friendly drinks.

This is an interesting newspaper article that shows in pictures how much sugar is in some ‘healthy’ drinks:



Another useful resource is the childsmile website. Sometimes people are not aware when they read the contents of food/drinks packaging what products contain sugar and what don’t. This is an excellent website to show you the names of hidden sugars e.g Dextrose, molasses, hydrolysed starch etc that you may be unaware of.


National Smile Month

Organised by the British Dental Health Foundation, National Smile Month is the UK’s largest oral health campaign. Taking place from 20 May to 20 June 2013, at its most basic level the campaign promotes three key messages, all of which go a long way to improve oral health in the UK. They are:

  1. Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste;
  2. Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks;
  3. Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.

Why not pop in to Millersneuk Dental Practice to see what we can achieve with your smile this Smile Month?


There will be more information nearer the time on promotions and incentives for our dental patients in Lenzie, Kirkintilloch and the surrounding areas.

Keep brushing!