Tooth Whitening

Have you ever considered having your teeth whitened? If you have Millersneuk is the place for you. We have the latest materials and take an interest in cosmetic cases. The main benefits of tooth whitening is that it is a good way to brighten your smile without the need for any preparation of your teeth.

You may have noticed that in the past few years there have been teeth whitening salons and booths popping up in supermarkets and high streets. On the 31st October 2012 the EU changed the rules so that the concentration of the bleach being used is limted in its concentration and that only dentists can purchase it.

This means that in the UK you need to see the dentist for a consultation before tooth whitening.

The GDC ruled that in addition to dentists being able to carry out tooth whitening, dental hygienists and dental therapists, on the prescription of a dentist, can carry out tooth whitening as an additional skill.

You will pleased to know that at Millersneuk we are always one step ahead and have been using the new concentrations for some time now. We always have an initial dentist consultation to discuss your needs before you make up your mind.

If you have any questions please phone or email today. We look forward to hearing from you.



Anti-snoring devices

Do you wish you could go to sleep and feel refreshed in the morning rather than being woken by a snoring partner? Well an anti-snoring device could help you get your sleep back. We work in conjunction with Somnowell to provide the best anti-snoring device available. Check out their website:


It all starts with a brief consultation, impressions and leave the rest to us.  Why not make an appointment today and in no time you could be sleeping in peace.

January 2013 Dental Offers & Saturday Appointments

Happy New Year to all our dental patients – we hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and wish you all the very best in 2013.

To celebrate the start of the year, Millersneuk Dental are delighted to announce that we are now accepting Saturday morning appointments – ideal for those patients who struggle to attend midweek! To book a Saturday AM dental appointment with Millersneuk Dental, email info@dentalglasgow.co.uk or call (0141) 777-7511.

Are you looking for a reliable & affordable dentist in Glasgow? Millersneuk have a number of special dental offers available new dental patients – to find out more details contact Millersneuk today!

Dental Mavericks & Amy Workman

Millersneuk Dentist Amy Workman is back from her dental aid trip to remote El Jabha in Morocco with Dental Mavericks, a dental charity which aims to treat children who have no access to dental care and therefore experience dental pain.

Amy found it a moving experience and felt incredibly privileged to be involved; she would like thank all the patients at Millersneuk Dental Practice for their support and well wishes.


Top 5 reasons for going to your dentist

At Millersneuk we encourage our dental patients to regularly visit the dentist to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Here are our Top 5 reasons for visiting your Millersneuk dentist:

  1. Prevent gum disease
    Gum disease can lead to loss of teeth but it can be treated if detected early. Dentists recommend regular check-ups, as well as daily flossing and brushing, to reduce this risk.
  2. Prevent mouth cancer
    Mouth cancer kills more people in the UK than cervical or testicular cancer, but is largely preventable – chances of survival increase from 50% to 90% if you detect problems early. Regular trips to your dentist are the best way of monitoring your dental health and catching problems early.
  3. Avoid losing your teeth
    Having regular check-ups means that dental problems, can be detected early and dealt with immediately, which could prevent loss of teeth.
  4. Dental emergencies can be prevented
    By taking a preventive approach, your dentist can help keep your teeth in the best condition. This can avoid dental emergencies like abscesses, infections or broken teeth.
  5. Help maintain good overall health
    If your oral health is good this can help your overall health and wellbeing. Gum disease has been linked with heart disease, strokes and pancreatic cancer. By visiting the dentist regularly you can help keep your teeth in the best condition and minimise these risks.

To make a dentist appointment contact Millersneuk: call (041) 777-7511 or email info@dentalglasgow.co.uk