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Why refer dental implant patients to Millersneuk Dental Practice?

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Dental implants are a secure and permanent solution to missing teeth. They help preserve patients’ jawbones and facial structures, are easy to clean and care for, and allow patients to eat, drink, talk and smile with confidence.

Many dentists who don’t offer dental implant surgery at their practice choose to refer their patients to Millersneuk Dental Practice for treatment.

Are you a dentist whose patient needs dental implants? Read on to find out why you should refer them to Millersneuk Dental Practice.


We won’t poach your patients

Some dentists have concerns about referring their patients to other practices, as they’re worried they won’t return.

To alleviate these concerns, we have a strict code of conduct in place. We’ll only treat patients from other practices for the procedures they’re referred for.

When a patient is referred to us for dental implant treatment, we’ll only treat them for this particular issue, and where possible, we’ll recommend that follow-up check-ups take place at their original dental practice.

Following dental implant treatment, we’ll refer your patients back to you with a detailed report on the procedure and its results.


We alleviate patient concerns

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to getting dental implant treatment is how painful the procedure will be.

We prioritise patients’ safety and comfort. When undergoing a dental implant procedure, our dentists will guide the patient through the process to ensure they feel comfortable and calm from beginning to end.

The treatment starts with a conversation between the patient and one of our dentists, explaining what to expect.

Then, a local anaesthetic is used. This will completely numb the jaw, gums and mouth. With numbed nerves, the patient might feel a slightly strange sensation during the surgery, but it will not be a painful experience.

When the surgery is complete, we will give the patient information on how to care for their implant at home. Follow-up appointments will be arranged to ensure the implant is healing as it should – this can often take place at the patient’s original practice. A permanent crown will be affixed to the implant once it has healed.


Our dentists are dental implant experts 

Our treatments are led by our principal dentist, Dr Philip Church, who has a special interest in dental implants. As a member of the Association of Dental Implantology, Philip has helped many patients to restore their smiles. He prioritises keeping patients calm and comfortable throughout the treatment.


We offer flexible payment plans 

We offer a range of flexible, interest-free finance options to help patients get the treatment they need. They can assess which payment plan is best suited to them.


How to refer your patients for dental implant treatment

If you are a dentist searching for a dental implant referral practice in Glasgow, fill out the form on our implant referrals page. We’ll be back in touch with you to discuss your patients’ circumstances and arrange an initial consultation.

Want to refer your patient to Millersneuk Dental Practice for dental implant treatment? Click through to the implant referrals page.

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