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Smile Makeover: Invisalign with Composite Bonding

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Each patient comes to our practice with a different challenge. No two smiles are the same, so our experienced dentists create bespoke treatment plans for every patient.

We wanted to share a recent example of a successful smile makeover by Dr Jonathan Fitzpatrick. He created a bespoke treatment plan for a patient with a challenging misalignment issue.

Read on to learn about the treatment process and to see the results.


The challenge

Our patient visited Dr Fitzpatrick seeking treatment for crooked and unevenly edged teeth. The patient wanted their teeth to be straighter and better aligned, so that they could smile with confidence.


The treatment

Dr Fitzpatrick considered a range of options to correct the patient’s teeth. One of his primary concerns was finding a solution that was both discreet and minimally invasive.

He decided that a combined treatment programme of Invisalign and composite bonding would offer the best solution.

Invisalign is a form of clear plastic aligner worn throughout most of the day and night. The aligners gradually put pressure on the teeth, moving them to their new desired location. As the aligners are transparent, they’re hard to detect and don’t draw attention.

Composite bonding is a method of covering parts of the teeth with small pieces of strong composite resin. Dr Fitzpatrick was keen not to cover the patient’s teeth entirely, because they were comparatively healthy and strong.


The results

Following a 3D scan, he created a year long Invisalign treatment plan. A series of new aligners were introduced once every four to six weeks. The treatment was successful, and the patient’s teeth are now almost perfectly aligned.

Once the Invisalign treatment was complete, Dr Fitzpatrick undertook the composite bonding procedure. By carefully colour matching the composite resin to the patient’s teeth he was able to achieve a very natural effect.

“This was a really enjoyable smile makeover to perform because a lot of different techniques and approaches were needed. The most challenging aspect of the treatment was to make the final smile look natural.

“I invested plenty of time shaping and matching the colour of the composite resin to the patient’s teeth. I’m so glad I did, because the results look totally authentic. I’m really pleased with how this treatment went – and the patient was too!”


Book your smile makeover

If you’d like a smile makeover, speak to our dental team to receive a plan created just for you. Book a virtual consultation, where we’ll assess your smile and offer our recommendations. We’ll then see you in the practice to begin your treatment.

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