Dental Hygienist

Protect Your Smile & Maintain Good Oral Health

Dental hygienists can work in all sectors of dentistry, and have both clinical and health promotional responsibilities. Clinically they help to treat and prevent periodontal (gum) disease by scaling and polishing teeth, applying prophylactic and antimicrobial materials, taking dental radiographs and undertaking dental monitoring and screening procedures.

At Millersneuk Dental Practice, our team of Dental Health Professionals can also provide dental fillings, undertake placement of preformed dental crowns, pulp treatments on baby teeth and extraction of baby teeth. Additionally we are also able to apply topical fluorides and fissure sealants in order to reduce dental caries (tooth decay).

Dental hygienists’ health promotional role includes motivating and encouraging good oral health practices, including oral hygiene and dietary advice. Dental hygienists and therapists are uniquely qualified to assist in the prevention and treatment of oral disease, focusing on oral health by monitoring hygiene practices and assisting in developing a home care plan to maintain good oral health.

To book an appointment with a Millersneuk dental hygienist, contact Millersneuk Dental: telephone (0141) 777-7511 or email info@dentalglasgow.co.uk